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>On 5/5/99 4:48:51 PM, Ace328bc wrote:
>>As I have stated in previous
>>posts, there is one obvious
>>answer to all this...VOTE!!
>>To be disrespectful to the
>>President is unheard of! I
>>don't like Mr. Clinton either
>>but to make an a$$ of yourself
>>by backing away and not
>>shaking his hand?

reply:There are some who feel it would be more respectful of themselves and their fellow Americans/Military to stand their ground and not shake the hand of the mess maker. This does not necessarily imply they don't have respect for the Presidential Office. As I see it, it could mean they want the Office held by President who leads that they are proud to follow and who deserves the respect of America.

>>Like it or
>>not he is the choice of the
>>people. Not your choice? Did
>>you vote?

reply: Not for Clinton that's for sure...right from the gecko to me and many others I know, Clinton came across to the t as the clone of a not so nice "passed experience who lured and kept a lot of M (MonHICuPa LOL) types around him for his under cover infidel frolics"...smooth & inviting as pudding but as deep, dark and dirty as a Mississippi mud swamp.

>>Did you encourage
>>your friends to vote?

reply: Always.

>>If less
>>than 50% of us vote I say we
>>get what we deserve.

reply:Let's hope the Clinton Presidency has taught us Americans a lesson that will bring about a better leadership future.

>>Shake his hand? You bet I would.

reply: Choice is to each ones own. Make sure he isn't holding any cigars in it...........

>>All of you nay-sayers that
>>like to knock him down should
>>realize that we get what we
>>vote for.

reply:I didn't vote for him based on what I heard in his campaign speeches depending on what part of the country he was in...have "U" ever listened to him speak on the same topic from 4 sides of his mouth? I'm sure "U" have and probably one of the reasons he doesn't seem to be on your "favorites" list

>>It is America and
>>if you don't like what we got,
>>we have the power to change
>>it-each and every one of us.

reply:You're right Ace. I think it's a BIG possibility that prior electing our Country's leaders, Americans are gonna listen more, ask more in depth questions and pay BIG attention to the candidates background & lifestyle information ESPECIALLY that of Our Commander & Chief.

~*~*~ Vote ~*~*~
"It's One Of The Most Precious Freedoms All American's Own"

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