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On 5/5/99 4:48:51 PM, Ace328bc wrote:
>As I have stated in previous
>posts, there is one obvious
>answer to all this...VOTE!!
>To be disrespectful to the
>President is unheard of! I
>don't like Mr. Clinton either
>but to make an a$$ of yourself
>by backing away and not
>shaking his hand? Like it or
>not he is the choice of the
>people. Not your choice? Did
>you vote? Did you encourage
>your friends to vote? If less
>than 50% of us vote I say we
>get what we deserve. Shake
>his hand? You bet I would.
>All of you nay-sayers that
>like to knock him down should
>realize that we get what we
>vote for. It is America and
>if you don't like what we got,
>we have the power to change
>it-each and every one of us.
I 've never missed a vote, I went to Viet-Nam but I would never shake his hand in any situation. And now that I'm a little bit older I could probably resist the urge to spit in his eye.

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