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Heyyyy OT! Long time no chat!!!! Too Long!

I haven't been anywhere....including here.... for quite awhile (long story) so I don't know if you've already got what you're seeking!!!

Let me know as INCREDIBLE AS IT SEEMS (long story there too)....I still have oodles of issues of the Staten Island Advance here! *LOL*

Also....Do you think you could please send me something via E-mail to my address? (Even a one~liner would be fine!) I installed Windows 98 and lost my whole address book!!! *Grrrrr*

BTW..that goes for anyone else who sees this too! *Smile*

I also have no ICQ or WEB SITE right now! *Double & Triple Grrrrr's*

What's that expression???? *scratches her head* Oh Yeah! "When it rains it pours."

Well...If the above quote is true...'s been MONSOON SEASON HERE! *S*

Love & Light~* to You...and the ~Lurkers~ & ~Lurkettes~ too! *LOL*

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