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I find it very insulting...especially to our Armed Forces past and present, that Clinton stood uP in front of our US Military in Germany this morning wearing a bomber jacket, emblems & all. I don't care that he is "supposed" to be the Commander & Chief - (YUCKKKKK!!!!!) I happen to have had 2 friends here visiting & working on a Memorial Day project while "the speech facade" was airing on MSNBC...both of these fellows are former P.O.W's one from WWII the other from Vietnam - to see their faces as they listened & watched could bring tears to a persons eyes...their comment almost in unison was "he's the BIGGEST disgrace this Country had ever had".

One fellow said "If I were there and that B*s*a*d went to shake my hand, I would NOT humiliate my fellow G.I's by acknowledging Clinton as our USA Leader. I would take the risk of reprimand from my Superior Officers, by pulling my hand away and step back while motioning him (Clinton) to pass me by rather then be a part of "his" show.

The other fellow said "when are Americans going to stop letting this phony Clinton puke slap them in the face with every crooked speech, HOW DARE he (Clinton) wear a bomber jacket as though he's one of us. Where has the pride of Our Country gone?

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