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I'll hold my banner up high in solidarity with Cervantes. Idealism must be my middle name, and I have tilted at windmills which left me bruised but unbowed.

It is amazing how much respect and love we have for those who sacrifice their comfort and safety in order to fight for principle. And, principles are worth fighting for even if some people argue that cynicism will carry you by the windmill unscathed.

I just finished watching my daughter participate 4 performances of Lerner and Lowe's "Camelot" at her high school.

Being a PARENT, I was there for all 4 shows. There was no way to avoid thinking about the story. King Arthur's quest for a "new world order" where there would be civility all around and Knights would serve humanity.

"Might for right" rather than "Might makes right." Such a global civil community would settle its differences in the courts rather than on battlefields.

Lancelot's unrelenting virtue and chivalry was admirable but showed how an obsession for the ideal might be "off-putting;" and, Guinevere brought the whole thing down by her infidelity with Lancelot. Arthur's dream dissolved as chaos reigned and all that remained was popular legend told by minstrels and authors. At least the authors made money off of it.

Somehow, all this talk of quests for ideals and their rapid demise in grotesque reality seems to be a repeating theme in the course of history. Our "new world order" seems to be going the way of Arthur's. One only need look at the history of these past 3 years to see that Camelot and Don Quixote were more like history than history. Come out from under the desk fair maiden, the boss needs to declare war, this is the grist for trajifarce.

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