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On 5/2/99 3:06:31 AM, Nick wrote:
>I think you mentioned the
>wrong hospital? Staten Island
>hospital was at the corner of
>Castleton and Webster, right
>up the street from Goodhue.
>Webster ave is where I used to
>sleigh ride and also Glen ave
>is where we used to collect
>and burn our Christmas trees.
Nope, I'm talking about St. Vincent's on the corner of Castleton and Bard ave's. Back in the late 40's/early 50's there were woods stretching along Castleton avenue all the way up to the corner of Castleton and Brighton...It was part of the old Goodhue Estate. So one could go out of the North end of St. Vincent's grounds and be in "Goodhue Woods".

Later on, (about 1952)that part of the estate property was sold off and they built apartment houses there. The "core" of the Goodhue Estate...there were the ruins of the mansion and some sort of fishpond/fountain in the woods up by Brighton/Castleton must've been torn down in the 80's and there are some hi-rise yuppie condos(?) there now.

I'm not at all familiar with Webster it on the New Brighton side of the old SI Hospital site? I remember SI Hospital facing Castleton about where Oxford Place joined it. I remember this well for two reasons: my aunt lived on Oxford Place, and the "Blue Hour" was just around the corner...that was the hangout for us "working class" SICC students....DAN BLAINE P.S.: see ya at Goodhue pool, does Nancy still let kids sneak in without paying?

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