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I believe that the old music building of Wagner College that was across Grimes hill road from the main campus used to be one of the Vanderbilt mansions. I don't know if it still stands, but it was there when I was at Wagner in the 1960s. The Vanderbilts used to be neighbors to the Cunard's. I suppose they enjoyed counting their proceeds as ships and ferries crossed the harbor.

The land and buildings of the Cunard and Vanderbilt families on Grimes Hill became the Wagner College Campus in 1933, I believe.

I knew some "young" Vanderbilts when they lived next door to me on Goodwin Avenue in Westerleigh. They rented the upstairs from my neighbors the Jensen's while their "mansion" was being built up on Emerson hill. We visited them there several times after they moved in.

As neighbors in Westerleigh they were 'regular' folks.

Art Anderson

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