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It is absolutely possible!! I once worked for a gentleman who grew up in the Bronx; delivered meat for his uncle the butcher as a kid. He worked his way through college and got an accounting degree and became a CPA for (at the time) a "Big 8" firm. His wife was a school teacher. To make a long story short -- though he was making a six (very close to 7) figure salary, his 2 boys were expected to get jobs when they turned 16. When the boys went to college, mom went back to teaching -- not in the suburbs, but in the Bronx for the NYC public school system. They didn't have to worry about paying for college and dad did buy them cars, but even away at college they had part-time jobs -- one of them even took the initiative to open a video store on campus. Though they never wanted for anything they were good kids, and now, good men. I think the secret is "Don't forget where you came from".

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