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I guess I'm new to humanitarian missions that succeed.

Last night the Reverend Jesse Jackson, along with a delegation of American congressmen and clergy of various faiths met with Milosevic and walked out the door, after a prayer, with the three American POWs who'd been beaten when captured and held for over a month by the Serbs.

You can't argue with success.

Manager says bunt and you hit a homer, whatse gonna say?

Yeah, I imagine Clinton wouldn't like private unauthorized diplomatic adventures, especially by political contenders, not to say opportunists like Jackson, but I guess that's tough.

I was listening to the Rev. Cecil Williams, San Francisco's most prominent minister to the poor, comment on Jackson, saying he has a gift for bringing people together.

Today I see the delegation, along with M. holding hands, head bowed in prayer, at the meeting releasing the three soldiers.

As I say, I've got a lot to learn about playing hockey in an arena where the rules are few and far between.

Far as I'm concerned they can scratch as many NATO bomb runs as they want.


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