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I'm not sure of the answer but bubba, bozo, clinton, or what ever you want to call him had no business getting us involved in a war we will not go all out to win. I personally believe that he thought that he could distract attention from his Chinese mess and got us involved deeper than the original plan. I was in Yugoslavia in 88 and remember this guy trying to explain to me how he was a Serb not a Croat nor Bosnian the main thing I carried away from that conversation was the impression that He felt He was so much superior than the others because He was a Serb. They will make a difficult adversary just because they believe they are right.

Although I was never a general I was in an infantry line company in Viet-Nam and it became obvious from the start of my tour that because of lack of commitment we would never
win that war. My personal belief is that you cannot beat someone into submission you must either kill him or oppress him.
The Serbs understand this unfortunately Americans find this hard to accept. Although there are some people in the deep
south that have never forgotten the civil war.

I am obviously not a clinton fan and I'm sure it shows and although I voted for Bush in his first run he was no prize either. The only credit I'll give clinton is that in 91
I told people that if he was elected he'd make Jimmy Carter look like a hero. bubba has made me look like a prophet.

Look like I'm an equal opportunity hater LOL

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