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Why don't you tell us what Wagner was like in those old days.

Could you get something approaching an education there?

Or was Wagner just the place where one dried out between the real seminars, the ones at the local bars, at 10:00a.m.

Cripes, that does seem early.

I never went into the Buddy before 4p.m. Too dark inside to see anything in the daytime. And no one there but drunks and students. I'd go in at nite, not early in the morning like some upperclassmen.

Never tried the Clover Club, except maybe once, I'll admit.
I remember the pig's knuckles and hardboiled eggs on the bar. Sustenance for the real drinkers, so when they came home late they could say they ate dinner. Or to comply with the law that said bars had to serve food. Didn't want the Wagnerites drinking themselves to death without eating anything.

Poisonally, I liked the pizza at the Buddy and the beer at Frank Demyan's Hofbrau, also in the evening.

So, c'mon, what were you really doin' at the Clover at 10:00?

-rs :)

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