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Ain't that the way it always is?

The landfill's been sitting there stinking up the joint for fifty years with nobody asking the right questions, and all of a sudden someone needs the information yesterday.

Wonder why they didn't put the Dam*dump up in Scarsdale.

Maybe this is the origin of the original StatNisland question:

WhaddamI, Gahbage?

Talk about geographical discrimination!


PS My old FawCawnahs friend, Bruce Behrins, now one of S.I.'s leading lawyas, has a great line about da dump, reported in some legal journal writing about law, such as there is, on the Island. Asked what SI was known for, he said it was the home of the "biggest garbage dump in the known universe." His mother ran the gift shop in Four Corners where you went for Mother's Day gifts, cards, 'n stuff. Whenever you needed a donation for the school bazaar, she would give you one. Nice lady.

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