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Last year (think it was Aug. or Sept.) there was a special aired on TV about Staten Island and one of the segments was alllllllllllllll about the land fill area. PEEEEUUUUUUU they were right in the middle of it all. If I remember right they talked about some of the info. you're requesting.

One of the regulars to this site was kind enough to tape the show and send it out to "The Gathering Weekend" in Old Hangtown, California" where we all got to enjoy it and have many good memory laughs...from California the tape made the US "snail mail" rounds.

I'm sure BobC will read this and be able to give you some good direction on where to find the information you're l^oo^king for and who to contact. Seeing as BobC is our GREAT date & list keeper and very organized :)) he may still have the date and tv channel hangin around on his desk he'll post it for you.

Ya never know...maybe the "tape maker" will see this too and send "U" an e-mail asking for your "real life" name and "snail mail" address and lend you a copy of the Staten Island TV tape

Be careful what "U" wish for "U" just might get it :))

Good Luck on your project...update us on how it turns out O.K.

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