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On 4/30/99 9:49:06 PM, beno wrote:
>I agree with you, but I'm a
>little uncertain. Could it be
>because we adults are also
>spoiled? Don't we enjoy
>luxuries that our parents
>never had?
>Is it possible to raise them
>properly even in an atmosphere
>of more affluence?

Yes, we MAY be spoiled, but we WORK for the luxuries that we enjoy.
We are taught that as parents it is our job to make our children's lives better than our's were, I'm not against that, but again, my opinion is that too many kids are just GIVEN everything they want without having to show ANY responsibility, or effort to earn them.
Yes, it's possible if you ARE a parent, and teach your kids responsibility, and other values, WITHOUT the government trying to do your job for you, by passing more and more laws!

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