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Graham Beach...the name is familiar, but I can't picture where it is. I tried to look it up on the StatNisland map a dear old friend on this site sent me some time ago, for which I thank her very much, but I don't see it listed along the South Shore beaches. Can you give me the nearby streets, maybe I can find it that way. I'm wondering if perhaps it's between Great Kills and Midland; maybe it got bunched in with, say, Midland.

Don't know how much you guys enjoyed the beaches on StatNisland, but I worked there for six summers.

Beaches can be addictive. We'd be there six days a week and go down the Joisey Shaw on the Seventh, when even God rested. Always looking for the same thing, too. :)

We'd have beach parties occasionally on a Friday nite, or any nite for that matter, we didn't care.

In the lifeguard room was an iron manhole cover in the floor. At the beginning of the season we'd chip in and buy 25 cases of the cheapest beer we could find, Boh, beer in fact. We'd pry up and roll aside the manhole cover, drop 3' down into the cool, musty smelling sand, and at nite smuggle in the cases of beer, to keep nice and cool and safe where we could get at it in times of need.

Other times we'd bring in a keg of Piels which we'd keep in ice in half a 55 gallon drum; this was for beach parties. We'd go clamming and make chowder on a rainy day and serve it up at the party the next day. I remember stringing up Japanese lanterns with candles inside to provide the glow not provided by the Piels and our lovely dates. Why their mothers let them go to the beach with the likes of us I'll never know. Maybe that's the answer, they didn't know.

Actually, we were perfect gentlemen.



PS Talking about those days, forty years ago now, brings back the faces and the smiles. It might just as well be the moon I'm talking about. Those days are gone forever. I'd love to wander over to a blanket today and see my friends from those days.

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