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On 4/29/99 8:36:03 AM, MadameT wrote:
>When children of families
>where both parents worked full
>time were asked whether they
>would rather have mom home
>when they got home from school
>or would they rather have
>designer clothes and more
>computer games they responded
>they'd rather have mom. It is
>not a parental requirement
>that we give our children
>everything they want, just
>everything they NEED.

When I was young, if I wanted something that wasn't needed(a new toy, or something frivolous), I had to earn it. Whether it meant doing extra chores or raising a grade in school. My parents didn't have a lot of disposable income so these things WEREN'T taken for granted. Plus there was a feeling of actually EARNING something, giving self-confidence and responsibility.
Nowadays, kids don't earn ANYTHING, nor do they want to. Most of them feel it's their parent's JOB to give them everything they want!!! I feel this is one of the reasons that most of the youth today are lazy, arrogant, and in some cases, psychotic!!!
It's time AGAIN for parents to BE parents, NOT ATM's or "the people that buy me stuff"!!!!

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