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I'm actually very surprised -- pleasantly so. I find it very commendable, but I certainly hope the band doesn't feel responsible. As others have mentioned, every generation has its "devil music" -- back in the '30s when Swing music began, it was considered wild and evil!! And look at some of the cartoons and TV shows WE grew up with (I'm early 40s) -- and yet, we knew that it wasn't real. And cliques in school have always existed, but even the "geeks & nerds" found their own niche -- there was never any violence. If there was a fight it was with fists and words. Both my parents worked -- dad worked two jobs -- but we were required to be at the dinner table every night. My mom barely spoke english, but never missed a PTA meeting. If I ever came home from school and told my mother I had a punishment lesson, she made me do it twice. If I had a detention, she grounded me -- the "right" of the teacher to hand out punishments and detentions was never questioned. We didn't have TVs in our rooms. There was one television and we watched it together -- if we couldn't agree, then mom decided or we went to our rooms (to read a book or listen to music). Parents today are too quick to blame the media, music, TV, movies, etc. when something goes wrong. What scares me is that its my generation raising these kids. What happened? When children of families where both parents worked full time were asked whether they would rather have mom home when they got home from school or would they rather have designer clothes and more computer games they responded they'd rather have mom. It is not a parental requirement that we give our children everything they want, just everything they NEED.

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