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On 4/28/99 8:52:54 PM, Ace328bc wrote:
>With all due respect, I have
>no idea what a "panjandrum"
>is. I assume from the context
>it is a leader or some such.
>Please explain.

A pretentious leader or pundit is the meaning the Great JB uses in this context. And I couldn't agree more thoroughly!

These "think tank" theoreticists sit around and come up with solutions that have no touch with reality. I think they should take a bunch of them and put them in the mud of: Bosnia, Kosovo, Korea, Uganda, etc. and let them: sweep for mines, feed and clothe refugees, go on night patrol, etc.

Yeah, and since I can no longer sit in a neighborhood bar like the Blue Hour or Duke Frazier's and discuss world politics and solutions, I'll take the "Gathering" as second best...DAN BLAINE

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