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I believe that warning labels on music are probably a good idea but the problem is who is doing the rating. Once again we run into the problem of who is setting the standards for our children. What should the standard be? Bad language? Bad taste? Bad music? Who decides? The label can serve to warn an unwary parent that the L7 cd that their child just bought has bad words and if the child is only, say, 7 years old, then the parent should take the time to listen to the music with the child. The world changes constantly and today's pornography is tomorrow's ho hum. Remember the books "Tom Jones", "Peyton Place", or "Catcher in the Rye"? I think that parents again should take the time to see what is happening in the lives of their children and not leave it to others. Look, listen, guide if necessary, and know when to let your children make decisions for themselves.

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