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The Constitution was written over two hundred years ago. It was a totally different world. Recently, while doing research in the Supreme Court Law Library, I can upon the Congressional Record from 1789. It was fascinating to read the first laws of our country as Congress created them. There are many, many laws that were written at that time that have no bearing on our lives today. The second amendment is one of them. The only militia we have today is the National Guard and it's a little bit more structured than the 1789 militia. In 1789, people who lived outside of large settlements (which included most of the population) had to hunt their own meat and protect themselves from indians and other marauders. They needed their guns. The country was also coming from a period of oppression. When you look at any of the amendments and laws that were written at that time, they were usually as a result of some right the British had denied them and they were going to make sure it never happened again.

In this time and place, there are hunters who still hunt for their food. They shouldn't be denied the right to own a hunting rifle. However, why does anyone need an automatic rifle or pistol in their home? They are designed to kill people -- not a simple deer or turkey.

I live in the country, high on a hill. About a mile away, a man from out-of-state owns several acres and had a shooting range set up. Every weekend we would have to listen to the sound of automatic gunfire. Do you know how chilling and scarey that is? Everyone who lived within the sound would call the police and complain, but it was his land and it was legal so they couldn't do anything. Then last fall, a family who live down on the hillside were in their livingroom and a bullet came right through the window missing their nine year old daughter by less than an inch.

She was lucky it missed her and we were lucky the feds came in and closed him down. Our town also took measures to ban automatic weapons in our town. The regulation was passed by a huge majority, and this is in a town where probably 50-60% of the populations are either hunters or related to hunters.

Bottom line -- there is no reason in this day and age for anyone, except possibly a hunter to own firearms. There is no reason for anyone, anyone at all, to own automatic weapons!

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