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Funny thing about Aaron Coller, his father owned the drugstore at the corner of Pelton and Castleton avenues in West New Brighton. His dad was a very strict follower of the Jewish faith, but was never prejudiced against us "goyim" who came in the store. There were also two beautiful daughters named Miriam and Zelma. My first fantasies of desire were dreams about Zelma Coller who must've been in her twenties when I was ten!

Old man Coller was sort of the neighborhood's morals sheriff. (Back in those days everyone watched everyone else's kids). Anyhow, one time my Dad sent me down to Coller's for a couple of El Producto Blunts (2 for a quarter?) and old man Coller wouldn't sell them to me until I got a note from my Dad saying he sent me.

Can you imagine a kid today being told to go get a note from his parents? He would probably sue for violation of his civil rights, or worse, pull a weapon on the shopkeeper!

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