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Like Mimi, my father belonged to a club. His was the "Lonesome Club" which met or had some connection to a bar called Lucci's (I think) on Clove Road, just down from the Grasmere train station. There were bowling alleys in Lucci's too.

Every year in December, maybe a week or so before Christmas, there was a big Christmas party for all the kids in the back room of Lucci's. A large man by the name of Aaron Coller (who owned a liquor store about a block down from the train station in the other direction -- next to Mrs. Germer's candy store and Bellini's grocery story) played Santa. Dad told me later that the men from the Lonesome Club would stomp around upstairs in the Lucci's apartment while, of course, others were telling the kids that that must be Santa on the roof. I bet all the kids of Grasmere turned out for that Christmas party each year. Was anyone else there? Does anyone else remember those places in Grasmere?

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