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On 4/26/99 7:49:14 PM, rs wrote:
>Nor is there a right to keep
>and arm bears, I mean, bare
>arms, uh, make that bear arms.
>Unless you want to join the
>militia, that is. The gun
>aficionados insist the
>constitution says this, but
>I've got news, which they don'
>wanna hear.
>Or maybe we could just outlaw
>fun, as there's someone
>opposed to just about anything
>really interesting to do.

I do differ with you, on the gun issue. The militia that the Constitution speaks of, is in fact "an organization of citizens to keep the government from taking away the rights granted by this Document" (The Constitution). Which is EXACTLY the right to keep and bear arms as intended by the Constitution, as written by our forefathers!!!
As far as outlawing fun, isn't that the way things are going? Now legislators are and have been enacting laws to do away with a number of PERSONAL decisions. Like smoking, wearing a helmet on a motorcycle, wearing a seat belt in a car, closing legal businesses that cater to adults by using zoning and other illegal methods, and a WHOLE BUNCH of others. I do not disagree with ALL of the above things, I'm just pointing them out.
We as a Nation have become the biggest busybodys in the world! If you don't like something get a bunch of lawyers behind you and buy some politicians!!! But we ARE ALLOWING our Constitution to bought and sold, and we will need that "well armed militia" soon enough!

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