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The point I forgot to mention in all the blather was that our constitution does not forbid socialism, nor does it prescribe capitalism. It doesn't say what kind of economic system, or political-social-economic system we must have, as long as in deciding how it will be we follow the prescribed means of enacting it.

Now, back to the music.

Nothing in the Constitution about music either.

Nor is there a right to keep and arm bears, I mean, bare arms, uh, make that bear arms. Unless you want to join the militia, that is. The gun aficionados insist the constitution says this, but I've got news, which they don' wanna hear.

Maybe we should have an amendment outlawing boomboxes on sidewalks or subways, or the Devil's music; that is, anything parents don't like kids listening to.

Or maybe we could just outlaw fun, as there's someone opposed to just about anything really interesting to do.

Thank goodness we have a lot of slippage.


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