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Mrs. Smith, who lived in the large house at the intersection of Clove and Victory, neighboring the Ralston's store, wrote a history of Staten Island called "Staten Island, Gateway to New York," which a fellow Islander gave me and I still refer to when questions come up on this site. Chilton Book Co., 1970.

Next door to her lived the Pierrard family, friends of ours when I was a kid. Their son, Adrian, was a boyhood friend of my father. Adrian's father worked for Delmonico's Restaurant in the city. I used to look at his military decorations, or maybe they were the father's father's, from the French militaire. The Pierrard house dated from before the Revolutionary war. It was large and rambling, with room after room, or shed, attached. Big fireplace. Old Mrs. P., and an old parrot. Trees in the yard had carvings said to have been put there by revolutionary war soldiers, possibly Hessians, possibly Washington's troops, I dunno, that was a long time ago and I wasn't there and don't trust the legends. Sure do have a way of sticking in your mind though.


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