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Hey Ace,
Nice to see someone speaking up about this subject. I brought up something about parents and the government looking for laws to raise the children of this nation, INSTEAD of the parents having to be RESPONSIBLE, on a different message board. I received all kinds of nastiness, because unfortunately, education is something everyone needs, but most people like to believe they know everything!!!
Now of course, due to all the shootings, the target is the NRA, and gun laws. The fact is, has been, and will ALWAYS be, that a gun is an inanimate object. It CAN NOT do anything, let alone KILL anyone, WITHOUT a PERSON using it!!! Of course though, if anyone that disagrees with that, they REALLY need an education!!! LOL I really don't want to get into the ridiculous argument of "well if guns were illegal, there could be no gun violence". Like the people that commit crimes with guns got them legally!!!!
The point of all this ranting, is that people have to learn to take responsibility for their actions, and the actions of their children. If as you stated, people KNEW what their kids were up to, most of these tragic deaths WOULD stop. I believe it WOULD help, if kids were taught about guns in school, ALONG with their parents! Again though, the parents know it all, and wouldn't go. I go for YEARLY training, and testing on weapon use and safety, as ANYONE that owns a weapon should.
Enough of that, getting back to your post, you left out one of my personally favorite groups, that have also come under a lot of fire, for suicide, satanism, youth violence, and just about everything else(except the problem in Kosovo -- so far!), Iron Maiden!!! Even my OWN mother says I listen to devil music when she hears it!!! LOL

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