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We moved there in 46 when my father mustered out. By then there was another street between Gower and Manor called Elvin and in the last big house lived the Cooten? family. The wife worked in the phone company, she worked nights and slept days. She also had no tolerance for kids who made noise. We played in the Rizzo's "The 4 Corner's shoemaker" back yard right behind hers. She would call the police constantly, The same two patrol men would come by and tell us to keep the noise down. In one ear and out the other. It got so bad we took an old Ann Page apple pie tin and hung it high on the tree behind her house and would hit it with a Red Rider Daisy BB gun just to torment her. It sounded like Gene Krupa beating on a snare drum. She HATED us, I could never understand why.

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