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Cloning definitely strikes a chord.

While we're at it, why not clone a few more cruise missiles and smart bombs.

How smart does a bomb have to be anyway?

How smart are we to lead this intervention when it hits the ground considering we have a lot of Frenchmen who, as they are not reluctant to say, are smarter than we are anyway. Apres vous, mon ami!

And let's not forget our good friends the Brits and the Boche, oops, excuse me, our good German friends and allies. Surely they can break out the old archives to show us the way around these partisans. I understand the Dutch and the Italians have aircraft carriers. Shouldn't be too hard for the paisanos to find Yugoslavia. You head due East after putting the Grand Canal of Venice dead astern. Where the hell is JR when we need a navigator.

I'd be willing to lend them one of our spare anchors if they need one.

Meanwhile, anyone around here speak Yugoslavian?


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