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How's this for a solution: NATO exhumes Tito and gets a DNA sample from his corpse. We use the British ewe, Dolly for a surrogate/host mother and create us a Tito clone.

Once Josip is fully grown (the process accelerated by pumping in lots of steroids), we parachute him into Belgrade at night with the help of a cloned Otto Skorzeny* and they take Slobbo out.

We back Josip to the hilt with moolah and he makes the Balkans toe the mark.

*For those of you who are not WWII trivia freaks, Skorzeny was the Nazi commando who freed Mussolini from a mountain top prison. He has probably been portrayed by Clint Eastwood or Richard Burton in one of those WWII flicks.

BTW: does anyone remember "Rawhide"? Clint Eastwood was just a toadying yes man to the trail boss, Eric Fleming.

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