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We lived for years at the top of Lester Street as it was then extended on up to the fields that ran a long way across to Manor Rd and also the other to Mountain View Ave View Ave View Ave.
My mom would pack a lunch and Dad and Mom and the four of us would walk for an hour or so behind the old Brewery into these fields and pick blackberries and then picnic and walk back. This was a fond memory of my childhood from the age of five to about twelve yrs.
When we got home mother would make the most delicious cobblers or dumplings as a treat. In those lean depression years that was such a treat for us all.
We also did the same with elderberries growing wild in that same area. The berries here that grow all over the foothills in California are tasty but so small compared to the Staten Island Variety.
Oh to be young and carefree again. No worries about what we as adults now contend with. My momma done tol me that those would be the best years of my life. But, of course, we never believe our moms. LoL

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