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Some Congressmen were interviewed last nite after visiting some of the refugee camps in Albania or Montenegro. One was of Serbian descent from Chicago with lots of Serbian-Americans in his district. He made the point that to expect the ethnic Albanians to return to Serbland was ludicrous. What are they going to do, forgive the Serbs who drove them out while adding insult to injury by murdering and raping who they could? Made sense to me. That was in reaction to the suggestion, endorsed by Clinton, to keep Yugoslavia intact after the destruction, i.e., don't break Kosovo away or apart.

He also noted the importance of Kosovo to the Serbs. Called it their Jerusalem, their Mecca. They'll fight to the last dog. That was in response to the suggestion to break Kosovo away from Yugoslavia entirely.

A third suggestion I heard was to split up Kosovo itself and leave part, with the important religious sites, with the Serbs in Yugoslavia and set up the rest as an independent nation such as happened with Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and godknowswhatelse. The ethnic Albanians want their own place.

I can just imagine the peace parley after this mess.

The Balkans is a hockey game without rules or referees.

First we bomb, then we talk.

Has a certain logic.


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