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There were some wild bars on the Island in the late fifties to early sixties when new Jersey’s drinking age was twenty one and New York’s was eighteen. I hope some of you remember---The Sunnyside Club, Wadsworth House, The Clover Club, Dilly Dally club, Melody Club, Bay Cafe, Mandia’s, Tottenvilla, Beachcomber, Christmas Tree Inn., Ben’s Idle Hour, Sullivans Tap Room. Holiday Inn, Embers, Kanes, Orange House, Fremont Inn, Red Lantern, Embassy, Rustic Inn., Gay Manor, Odyssey, Paramount, Joe’s Question Mark, Park Hill Tavern, Hofbrau, Buddy Buddy Club, and a ton of places I was thrown out of and barred from, I've forgotten most of their names anyway.
We used to start out in the Victory Bowling ally then go to Babes in Travis then to the Buddy Buddy to find parties to crash, then to Kanes for the roast beef he would NOT cut before twelve O’clock Friday night, which was technically Saturday morning, then to the Embassy for fresh Piels beer. Then to the Tottenvilla to visit with the Plainsmen who bounced and hung out there. We knew them from playing sandlot ball in the 185 Lb.leagues and were about the only team we could hang out with without getting into a brawl.

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