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There used to be a pond in the woods off the end of Long Ave. that was formed when the city capped a stream when they built the projects. On the top of Long Ave and on Todt Hill Rd. stood the Robinson farm. Charlie Robinson had a modest crop of various produce and had a few pigs in a sty right in the back. I remember he had a .410 and would occasionally plunk a few slugs in an old oak tree. When you saw someone with a rifle or pistol then you never expected a shootout, you thought he was either going to the range, hunting, or dropping it off at a gun smith. You could buy most any ammunition you needed in those days in Reimans, every kind except BB’s, they would not sell BB’s but they would sell “bottle washers” They still won‘t. He had a 55 gal drum of kerosene right by the cash register. You would go in with your own can and he would fill it with a hand pump attached to the drum. We used to get glass lantern chimneys for the Deitz Kerosine lanterns and go night fishing in Clove Lakes for Bass and Bream when they stocked it and for eels when they did not stock it, and there were some pretty big eels in that lake. We had also trap lines for muskrats in the blackberry swamp that is now the service road for the expressway.

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