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Let's look at what's going to happen IF we finally free Kosovo from Serbia. The German papers did an interview with the prospective new rulers of Kosovo: there are two factions fighting for supremacy within the KLA. One follows the old Communist/East line and the other is far right radical/facist.

So, after "peace" is achieved, who bosses Kosovo? The other problem is with Albania. Did you know that the highest per capita ownership of Mercedes Benz autos in Europe is in Albania? Why? Because there is no valid auto registration system in place and most of the cars stolen in western Europe wind up in Albania after being smuggled through Poland, Hungary, etc.

And as I said in "East vs. West I", Milosevic is still (in his eyes) in a win-win situation. I doubt if he will be deposed after "peace" is achieved. And we (the US mostly) will dump billions into Yugoslavia to pay for the "damage" we caused.

That's my take on the whole situation. I still think we need to TRY and stop this atrocity...but I don't see any happy end.

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