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I'm amazed that we've bombed Belgrade and the rest of Yugoslavia for 28 straight days without starting WWIII, yet.

I would have thought the Russians would have come unglued. Apparently they're even more broke than I imagined.

What I find really scary are the reports about masked Serbs coming into the houses and separating out the men before driving off the women, after raping the younger ones, of course. Supposed to be a hundred thousand men unaccounted for. Several years ago when I heard the first reports about Srebenica, how six thousand men were separated from the women, I imagined this was only to massacre them. That turned out to be exactly what happened. Talk about having a bad feeling about something.

So we bomb Milosevic back into the stone age. Rural Kosovo doesn't even have electricity, according to reports. But tough people. One picture that sticks in mind is two men pulling a very old woman eight miles thru the snow on the ground on a tarp with a rope at each end. Report of another woman giving birth to twins in the snowy woods, and keeping them alive (!) until she was able to cross the border and the babies put into an incubator.

How the hell are we going to fight these Serbs on the ground? They're nuts to begin with, they've got rid of the only people we'd be fighting for, and now what are we going to do, send them back? To what?

Sure we want to teach Milosevic a lesson, but some people are beyond teaching. We didn't teach Hitler a lesson; he killed himself in a bunker. The paisanos strung up Mussolini. We hanged Tojo. We missed Saddam and have been trying to nail him with a cruise missile ever since, not an easy task. Who's going to nail Slobodan? He's supposed to be one of the, are you ready for this, m o d e r a t e Serbs. I haven't met any Serbs that I know of, but I did meet a few Croats, who are knockoffs. Serbs must be Croats squared.

So the pot is really stirring and the water pretty muddy.

Maybe someone can tell me how this is all apt to turn out.

Today Congress got into the act; another pot of muddy water.

Let the national debate begin.


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