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I'm with you, O.T.

Some people got taste and others must come from StatNisland, or worse, Br**kl*n, as our other friend likes to spell it, since he can't bring himself to spell the name outright.

How are things up in Hangtown?

Still got the Ol' Hangin' Tree in the town square?

Maybe we could use it for people with bad taste in humor.
Or set up a separate site for the blue jokes.

Otherwise not much that can be done, I'm afraid, other than to ignore it.

Let's face it, this is the web, it's new, pretty much anonymous, and a lot like the Wild West (which is where Hangtown is, and is the reason they call it Hangtown, 'cuz that's what they did to miscreants who didn't mind their manners. They hung 'em high).

So don't let Gresham's law drive you out, O.T. We FawCawnahs types are made of sterner stuff. We won't let the bad humor drive out the good. If Mr. Blake is a good egg, he'll get the point.

Bill Cosby makes a point about blue humor. He learned long ago not to rely on it. Recall seeing him up in the Village, impersonating G*d, as in "Noah, this is the Lord!" Did pretty well for himself.


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