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Rocksta - I worked there in the late 70's (74-78). Don't remember a Gary, but it was a long time ago and a lot of people passed through - waiters/waitresses, bartenders, band members, kitchen help, etc.

Wait! I DO remember a waiter from Argentina named Gary; he left to work at the Staaten. Is this the guy?

Dadoo - I used to set up the tables/chairs for Bingo, sell coffee and refreshments and clean up afterwards. They had Bingo every night. The bingo players included a lot of interesting characters. I had a lot of fun as a high school/college student.

The weddings/parties were the best, however. Picked up (more accurately WAS picked up by) many young unescorted ladies; was molested by a few horny waitresses too).

Business died down as the neighborhood worsened.

After work, we used to hang at the Club Comedy next to Muche's

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