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On 4/18/99 8:18:23 PM, Ace328bc wrote:
>I understand the anger (or so
>it seems to be) from TDG about
>fighting for something that is
>not in our own national
>interest. But, as a soldier
>(and I was not) what is the
>reason for doing anything? If
>you are a soldier your duty,
>as I understand, is to follow
>the orders of your superior
>officer. It is not the duty
>of the individual soldier to
>decide what is a worthy cause.

The only thing I DID get angry over was the statement that I referred to previously. Other than that I am just voicing MY opinion.
In answer to your question(or statement), A soldier fights to preserve OUR Country, and OUR way of life. A soldier IS supposed to follow orders, but EVERY soldier has the right to question an order that they feel is MORALLY wrong. If I WAS still enlisted, yes I would go to wherever I was ordered, BUT I would NOT be happy about it.
The President IS the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, but the President ALONE can NOT make the decision to send troops anywhere. That takes congress' OK.

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