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In answer to RS's following statement:
>>Stay calm folks, and give yourselves a chance to think. I get worked up myself and love to shoot the verbal gatling. Better when I take a deep breath and say if we do it this way, what happens next.<<

I happen to be VERY calm and I do think about all of the consequences, of being in it, or being out of it. The thing that got me so annoyed was MadameT's(paraphrased) statement of "that's what military people are supposed to do DIE"!
I would like ANYONE to go to their nearest soldier, and ask them if they enlisted to die fighting for someone else's freedom. They DID. OTHER AMERICANS!!!! Not people halfway around the world. Ask a Vietnam Veteran if he enjoyed having the people he was there to "protect against communism", throwing sticks and yelling Americans go home.
I can debate almost any subject and am willing to listen to ANYONE'S opinion, but being that I WAS a soldier, I think I know a little bit more about what soldiers enlist for. I have never talked to ANYONE in ANY of our Armed Forces, that said: "Yep, I enlisted to die in a war, that won't be called a war, that the people we are SUPPOSED to protect don't want us there, and for the gov't to treat us like SH*T, after doing what THEY sent us to do" Have YOU?
I DID NOT nor do I NOW, like the attitude that soldiers are meant to die just because they enlist in the Armed Forces. That makes it sound as if soldier's lives are somehow easy to throw away, since "they knew the risks". If we die in battle defending OUR Country or way of life, so be it. To die halfway around the world for something that has NOTHING to do with the American people or the American way of life, it is a waste of an American life.
When will Europe(which puts up with OUR military disdainfully)start putting out it's own fires? The reason for us have such a large military force in Europe WAS because of the USSR. In case you haven't noticed, the cold war is over, we won. As we ALWAYS will, but unfortunately at the cost of young American lives.
I am amazed that YOU, rs, didn't think about your statement of "what about police and firemen". Who are they protecting? Most of the time they are protecting the neighborhoods or cities they grew up in, so that has absolutely no bearing on the debate I was making. The NYPD is not sent to fight crime in Florida, they fight crime in NY.

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