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I love this story.

When I was growing up on StatNisland, my summer job was lifeguarding at Great Kills, Midland, and South Beaches. Sit on a chair, take the sun, go for a swim, say hello to the nice young lady on the blanket, have a sandwich, go for a run, plan the next beach party, all for ten bucks a day, average. Imagine, getting paid to do this.

But I was in school, Curtis and Wagner, bent on making something of myself, get a real job, burn up the world, that sort of thing.

I went to Hawaii with the wife and paid airfare, hotel, meals, car rental, and whatnot to have a good time going to the beach. Bought some puka shells from the locals who went to the beach, took the sun, ate a sandwich, went for a swim, sifted the sand, and found the little treasures to sell to the likes of us.

Talk about experiencing a disconnect.

I would love to have time now to do the lifeguard thing.
I'd even exercise to fit into the old orange bathing suit so maybe the gal on the blanket would flash a smile at me.

Talk about dreaming.

Yeah, life is funny sometimes.

Great story, Donna. Did I see you at Great Kills Beach one time? Blue blanket, striped towel, bikini? Yeah, I think that wuz you. :)


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