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In the San Francisco Bay Area, where we had an explosion at the Tosco refinery and a fire at the Chevron refinery (across the bay in Contra Costa County, sort of like the backside of StatNisland, refineries and tank farms without the Fresh Kills Dump) the price of a gallon of gasoline has jumped $.43 a gallon of regular to $1.99, the highest price in the U.S. Why more here than elsewhere in the U.S.? Because we can afford it, say the producers, believe it or not.

I've never understood why gas is so expensive in Europe, either. Figured it was gov't taxation making up the difference, sort of like the price of a bottle of Scotch. Fifteen cents worth of ingredients, fifteen bucks worth of taxes. Personally, I don't drink taxes.

I didn't realize we were exporting so much oil. Thought we were importing it from the Persian Gulf, Venezuela, and the North Sea, on top of the home grown. Keep wondering when we're going to run out, since we burn it like we have a bottomless supply and I heard they ain't makin' no mo.'


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