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On 4/16/99 8:51:01 AM, MadameT wrote:
>Yes, I would hate to
>lose a loved one under any
>circumstances, but if someone
>joins the military -- isn't
>that exactly what they should
>be prepared for?
I don't mean to offend you Madame T, BUT, the more I think about your above statement, the more PISSED OFF I'm getting!
I do not know if you have ANY children let alone male children, but if you do, I would guess they never had the character to stand in the way of a bullet for this Country. That in itself doesn't make them or anyone else bad or wrong, but consider this: if you're child needed money for college or vocational training, whatever but also figured, "why not, I'm doing a service for MY Country while getting what I need", would you be so apt to make such an asinine statement?
The problem is that this Country is FULL of armchair quarterbacks like you, who are willing to sacrifice other's children when it comes to military action.
I for one believe everyone should have a MANDATORY 2 years in the armed forces of this Country! That way yes, we ALL get the benefits of living in the greatest Country in the world, and we ALL will get the understanding of what it means to SACRIFICE for THIS Country!!! I do not mean sacrificing your life either, I mean sacrificing the freedom that everyone pays lip service to, but isn't willing to die for. You're so worried about saving the poor Albanians, what about our OWN people? By them getting killed IS IT AFFECTING THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE!!!!? NO!!!!!!! So why should Americans die for them? Were they here when WE had OUR civil war? NO!!!! If we have another will they be here? NO!!!!!!! Who do you think is going to pay for all the damage that is being done by the bombing? WE ARE!!! So, along with American dollars, we should give American LIVES? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!

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