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On 4/16/99 8:51:01 AM, MadameT wrote:
>In this day and age there is
>no such thing as "Its a civil
>war, it doesn't affect us"!
>Everything affects everyone.
>It was that attitude that kept
>us out of WWII until WE got
>bombed -- who knows how many
>lives could have been spared
>had we entered the war a
>little earlier.

>Yes, I would hate to
>lose a loved one under any
>circumstances, but if someone
>joins the military -- isn't
>that exactly what they should
>be prepared for?

No? No such thing? Well, how would YOU like other people telling our Country how it should be? I know that they are " cleansing" just as the Nazi's did, but we DID do the right thing in WWII, by providing help, but NOT risking our soldier's lives. When Pearl Harbor was bombed, that brought the war to us, so we rightfully struck back.
I DO believe we should help them by SUPPORT not with our LIVES!!!!
Let me tell YOU, I would die in a heartbeat defending THIS Country, which is EXACTLY why I enlisted in the service when I was young, NOT to die for another country's problems.
If you or anyone else thinks we had ANY reason to be in Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, or Yugo- Koso, you're SORELY mistaken. It's easy for people who aren't in the service, or don't have relatives in the the service to say things like your statement, but 'tis a noble thing to die in the service of YOUR Country, NOT someone else's!!!

Again, I'll quote that bumper sticker:
"To those that fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will NEVER taste"

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