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Not to ruffle anyones feathers I have pretty much stayed away from speaking my mind since I upset someone about Clinton in the chat room last year.

Number 1. I am not a Clinton hater I don't have the energy for that. I freely admit both he and his wife make me nauseous but I feel that basicly I'm a fair man.

Am I paranoid or is it real that Clinton who would not fight but did take an R.O.T.C. scholarship will bomb people when he gets in a political mess ? Nixon lied Nixon caused a recession in order to provide a smoke screen for his political woes. But Nixon didn't have Greenspan to contend with either.

Although never a General (buck sargent for a short period)(No ones perfect)
I spent time in Vietnam in a infantry company (1/327 inf. 101 Airborne Div.) and from my experience the artillery or air strikes soften the target up and then ground forces go in and take the target. Hitler didn't win the battle of Britain with his air war and we will not solve the problem
with just air strikes in Belgrade. We didn't finish up world war II that's why we had Korea and Viet-Nam, we didn't finish Desert Storm and that's why we are still messing with it today. We will never accomplish our goals until we put a new government in Yugoslavia and we never had any business in there in the first place but unfortunately we are going to have to attack this in high gear and win it whatever it takes in order to make our peace keeping capabilities credible.

It's just a shame that this was all started in order to keep the American people from realizing that secrets were sold to China for campaign contributions and that treason was committed by our leaders possibly even by some people that frequent the oval office.

I freely admit that I have never been a Clinton supporter and for all of you that are I'll quote Jesus " Father forgive them for they do not know what they do"

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