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There's a few services like that out there that I know of. I use OneList to send my jokes and stuff out. Besides eGroup and OneList, the ones I know are: ListBot, ListServ, and a few others that I'm not gonna type! If you're interested in mailing lists, just go to a search engine like Excite, and put in "mailing list services" (WITH the quotes), and you'll be amazed how many there are!
Since I use one of these services, I'll let you know there ARE drawbacks. One problem is if you format your mailing(as I do), and try to send it it comes out horrible! The services USUALLY only send plain text(not even font choices or colors!) and attachments. I haven't tried formatting in HTML, since it's too time consuming, and people on AOHELL can't get HTML mail! OneList limits attachments to 500KB's or 5 items, which isn't so great when you're sending cartoons and stuff! They DO have a shared files area for EACH list, with 5MB's capacity, which IS a good thing!
So, like I said depending on what you want, the list services can be a good thing! After all I was doing it all myself and blind copying everyone, which would take me about 4 hrs. just to mail out(mail service has a limit on how many people one email can go to)!!! Now I make up my stuff(in wordpad), copy and paste it into ONE email, and send it to everyone on the list at once!!!

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