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Wow! Talk about ~Synchronicity~!!! Guess what? I'm already part of an eGroup! I have been for...errrr....maybe a few months now! I know I can get verbose *Smile* I'll try to make a long story short! In the other web site that I'm a member of....a number of us have our own web sites now. Last year... some of us decided to ~link~ them and we even added a Live Chat for the times (like right now actually) when the Live Chat to the main site is down. We all got together and decided to agree on a name for the webring (which is called Astrolight) and I even designed a Logo for it! *S* Then, as I said....a few months ago...we added the eGroup!

I'm also probably going to do it for the string I run (~*Heart and Soul*~) in the other website!!!!!!! It'll make the joint E-mails soooo much easier to accomplish!

I get my Astrolight eGroup mail directly to my computer...but there was also an option for those who wanted it that just read it at a site online!

For anyone who wants to set up one the HELP page of the main URL is great!

This is the address:

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