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EEK and WHOA to all of you poor St.Rita's sufferers! I only went there for CCD and it was scary enough! *Smile* My cousins went to the school though...and nephew goes there now!

Did the Nun's ever show you how they make the hosts???? I always remember that! They took a bunch of us (I think it was only girls though *Smile*) over to the Convent to see how it was done!

I also remember the "retreat" before making Communion (or was it Confirmation). I know that instead of going to regular school (which was PS30 for me) we had to go to St.Rita's for a few days (2 or 3) to "practice" for the big DAY!!!! I remember praying that the Bishop wouldn't ask me a question!!!! I remember taking the "test" prior to the Sacrament! I remember my "First Confession" (which is a story all in itself! *LOL*)

EEK! I was so afraid of Father Pucci! *LOL*

The thing that stands out in my mind the most....was lunch time during the "retreat"! The Nun's told us to turn around and sit on the kneeler and use the chair as a table! *S*

I loved my Communion Dress! It was good thing too! I had to wear it for Confirmation the next year! *LOL*

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