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Well JB I guess I'd have to agree with "U", I too would not flinch at the idea of moving back to Staten Island if the circumstances were there would be a catch, I would want to move back to Egbertville / Richmond Town / Oakwood cause that's the area I was brought uP in and still go back to visit as often as possible. What's nice about it...amazingly enough many of families who were there in the 50's (I was a baby then LOL) are still there in a next generational way. I think that's what's so neat about that area people put down roots and really give mega thought to ever pulling them uP and re planting themselves somewhere else...for the most part it's still had some nice wooded country like areas & is well established.

Based on my experience of StatNislanders I still find when I go back to visit that overall StateNislanders are still open, friendly & not afraid to lend a helping hand or open their homes to invite ya in for a cup of kaWfee and some good down to earth conversation...they surely tell it like it is, instead of all this southern gingerbreaded flowery stuff that many times makes no sense cept to themselves ROFL.

It's a nice feeling to shop on New Dorp Lane with all it's Mom & Pop owners who know how to end their day by closing uP shop at 6 p.m. during the week and never open on Sunday's. For the most part there's still a pretty good sense of family on StateNisland that deserves acknowledgement.

There are two things that cause my hesitation about ever moving back...the cost of buying a home (WOW!!! talk about equity appreciation - the home I purchased for $11,000 in 1970 & sold in 1978 for %50,000 recently sold for $350,000 without many changes since my x & I totally remodeled it in the 70's) the other BIG consideration would be...OUCH!!! those NY "gray day" CoWeLddddd winter months...

NewYaWkers say "U" can and in the south they say "U'all" can...hmmmmmmmmmmm bet that's part of the problem down here, "too many of em do" LOL

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