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I can remember heading for the concerts at Silver Lakes every Wednesday evening during the summer and always having a great time...even on the nights that the concert wasn't so great LOL...great place to meet the new or go with a date as I often did. WOW!!! and lots of us got there by the good old city bus line while the guys/gals who were old enough to drive did "hot wheel stroll" backkkkkkkkkkkk & forthhhhhhhhhhh,backkkkkkkkkkkk & forthhhhhhhhhhh, with their heads and hands bobbing and hangin out the windows of some very kool cars trying to pick something uP LOL - wonder what it was they were trying to pick - it couldn't have been litter cause in dem days us StateNislander kids were good "trash can ball players" with "never miss" aim ROFL - maybe they were trying to pick kool tomatoes & hot potato's - the two legged kind.
I think I even remember getting a glimpse of DBLIVIT, RS, JR , ART & JOLO doing the "slow wheeling stroll" Patos was there too with his feet on the ground and checking out the teeny bopper crowd.
And they say time changes all.........hmmmm think this event is one that stayed pretty much the same for many generations - wonder how it is today.
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