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The memories of Silver Lake Park for me are of a great time during the great depression before WW11.

During the term of FDR a program known as the WPA was formed. This was the Works Progress Administration. It was to give jobs out instead of welfare. People were hired to sweep the snow from the streets, work in any of the many parks or city owned places etc. The many actors and musicians out of work on Broadway or the Opera etc. were used in a theatrical troupe that had portable stages and traveled to the many parks suitable and put on free shows for the people that cared to attend. ON Staten Island the place was Silver Lake Park with its natural slope of lawn from the Victory Blvd. to the lake and the stage was set up at the edge of the Lake. We carried blankets to sit on. We saw many musicals and plays. It was a great time. Many of us had never seen live performances of Shakespeare or of the Mikado etc. These were professional actors and performers. Many well known and a lot of lesser knowns.
These shows were in the summer evenings. I still can recall fondly the color and magnitude of these shows.. It made many a kid dream of being a performer I am sure.. It also was a great time shared by family groups.
The Oldtimer

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